For those who want to forget they're wearing headphones.

These cans are the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever used. The open-back design, self-adjusting headband and spacious memory foam ear cups all unite into a listening experience I can appreciate based on comfort alone.
As a casual listener, the sound quality of these headphones suit my needs perfectly. While the bass is inherently subdued by the open-back nature of the Fidelios, they don't feel like they lack any detail or crispiness. The build quality is excellent, using durable plastic for the ear cups and a metal assembly that feels rock solid. It comes with a removable cable, which is way too long but still a nice feature.
My main gripe with these headphones is the weight, which is a necessary evil for its premium construction and can be adapted to quickly. Smaller nitpicks include the fuzzy ear pad material constantly attracting lint and the occasional creaking when stretching the band.
Overall these are my favorite headphones to date; I use them every day. I also own a pair of ATH-M50s and HD-598s, which are considered benchmark headphones for the price in their respective categories. If you can find the X2HRs for less than $150, I would wholeheartedly recommend the purchase.