Beast of a keyboard for the price with minor issues

This keyboard is a solid buy for $80. You get a full-size layout, programmable RGB, media control keys (and volume slider!) , and a solid construction with metal faceplate. Coming from a Corsair Strafe, this keyboard leaves me feeling like I didn't compromise at all that for the price. They key switches sound satisfying yet relatively quiet; there is no audible click from actuating the linear switch.
It's not perfect though. The keyboard pings and pangs with a metallic resonance after every keystroke, which eventually becomes less noticeable but still apparent. The backlight LEDs are actually quite dim in comparison to the rest of my peripherals, including some older RedDragon keyboards I have used. The top macro and multimedia keys are not mechanical, and cannot have their backlight configured. They will only light up blue once pressed or in use. Kinda annoying when you want to actually see which button you want to press.
Overall, this is a easy recommendation for anyone looking for a competent keyboard without the upmarking that comes with more popular products.