Im 13 and im building my 2nd PC. Im coming here from setup wars and hopefully can get some recommendations for my new PC. BUDGET 2200$$
My first setup

My first setup

This is a my first setup from a year ago. From then I got new equipment and new PC. For this pc was a pre built. (Dont Get One). I will be posting more later on this year.

Setup Comments
This looks amazing for a start. U should change the background on your devices, and u should also stick with a color that make u feel comfortable, I mean I can see that u might be trying to make a blue and red theme but u should do blue in one side and red in the other. So I suggest u put blue led in the right because it matches the color of your lightning symbol in your PC, and also I suggest u put your Fortnite Llama above your PC. Over all it looks grate! 😁
what is the web site you got your pc or did you build it? 
10/10 This is an amazing setup that has given me lots of ideas for my setup. How did you earn the money for the setup?