I like pc's a lot, i like talking about them, learning about parts and i also really like designing setups
Weird priority setup
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Weird priority setup

i got the 60hz monitor back when i used a ps4, i didn't know much about refresh rate and so now i'm stuck with 60fps. planning to get new desk and add personality, and buy a good 1440p monitor and use the current one as a second one. so that is why my monitor and pc are extremely imbalanced. i also realize that i didn't need to buy more case fans or use a r9 3900x but i think its awesome!
and all of my rgb is controlled by icue

also im planning to buy a desk for better cable management and to put the pc on

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bad cable management.
this is a perfect setup 
just try and upgrade the monitor
i plan on saving up on a 32 inch 1440p 144hz
Thats an amazing idea but 32 inches is very large maybe you should measure it before hand
6/10 So love the set up but I would recommend getting something to set you pc on so it looks way better you could us an ikea desk unit drawer.
i am buying a new desk soon and setting it on there
also get some led light stips to finish it off you can get them pretty cheap
8/10 to mounting ur monitor to the wall and moving  ur keyboard and mouse to the left a little  the u can fit ur pc up there too!
6/10 You should get some velcro straps to hide those cables and try your best to keep them out of sight