Streamer, Gamer, 14, just here to show me setup and see all of your guys cool setups :)
(First) Gaming/Streaming,watching YouTube setup

(First) Gaming/Streaming,watching YouTube setup

My first setup, ik the cable management is horrible but it’s my first setup and I really would like the $200 to go to my setup

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Thats sick
thanks bro
Hey bro you there are other ways of making your setup look "cool" just take a few things off your desk put a fake plant there use duct tape for your cable management doesn't have to a signam rack  from ikea.also still a sick setup bro gg 
Yo thanks for the tip, i've added a fake plant to my table and ordered another table setup and extra stuff, I will also try my best on rapping the cords :), thank you for the support🙂
It has lots of potential. First you should get rid of pictures on the desk and put the pc on the desk for leg room. Also get a head phone stand for your headphones.  Also keep consistent with the color scheme.