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Closet Hobbit

Closet Hobbit

Gear List:
Desk- LINMON IKEA Desk 50$
Controller- Dualshock 4 Blue camo 60$
Headset- HyperX Clouds 70$
Mic- HyperX quadcast 140$
Keyboard- Tecware Phantom 40$
Mouse- Redragon Cobra 30$
Mousepad- Unknown 20$
Boom arm- Unknown 13$
Glasses- Unknown 10$
Moniter 1- Spectre 75hz 27in 110$
Moniter 2- Some old dell moniter that my dad found lying around ?$

PC specs:
GPU- EVGA 1060 6gb 400$
CPU- Ryzen 7 2700x 300$
Power supply- EVGA 500w 50$
Motherboard- ASUS ROG STRIX b450-f GAMING 117$
RAM- XPG 3200mhz 16gb 70$
Case- NZXT H510 70$

PS- Yes my desk is inside my closet. I think its an easy way to make more space inside my room. Considering my room is so small

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