Im 12 years old and want to have a good budget gaming room.
United States
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Setup Idea

Hi there I am a 12 year old who lives in the US. I may not have a setup but I do have a great plan for ya all who want a good setup for a good price well I might have just the thing. (Some of the products that I present to you all might not have a deliver option depending on where u live.) (copy and paste the link I put) (Hope it helps a lot of ya all)

1 Gaming Laptop:

2 Gaming Mouse:

3 Gaming Headset:

4 Chair: Furmax Office Chair (Search the name and click on the one that is from the website

5 Desk: Black Micke Desk (Search the name and click on the one that is from the website

6 Mouse pad:

Every product that are attached here will be at least $1000 or a little less because of the shipping charges. I hope that this helps many people and I will be leaving now good-bye. :)

Setup Comments
Good job on the setup! it looks really clean
It's not my setup I got the image from google because I just wanted to help people who want to spend less money for a decent setup, and if the pic was not of a setup I would have gotten a email from Scooget saying my setup was made private because it did not the fulfills for a setup. So that's why I took a pic from google. I hope u all understand and have a great day! :) <3
im 12 two and i love this i have a decent setup but need a new keyboard which one did u use 
As I said before this setup picture is not mine, I got it from Google and I put it in my post because if the picture was not of a setup Scooget would have emailed me saying it does not fulfill for a set up and they would also make my post private. I also said in the description of this post that I do not have a setup and I was just trying to help people who want a decent setup and are willing to spend $1000 for all the items. You can see the items that I suggested in the description of this post and in total of all the items that I put in the description will cost around $1000 in TOTAL because of the prices for shipping and the cost for every item. Be aware that I also stated that some items might not have world wide shipping. Hope you guys understand and have a great day. :)
perfect for a programmer