Just moved in - New desk arriving soon
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so cleannn
Cheers Bud! 😄 hopefully its going to look a bit more spacious when i get my new desk and drawers 🙂
Cool, are you getting a standing desk?
Aha no, I’m being a bit generic and getting the IKEA karlby and Alex drawers + storage cupboard 😄 I know it’s what everyone seems to  get, but for me the price point and aesthetic seems like the ideal setup for me I can expand on! 🙂 
That's nice. So far none of the standing desk I've tested can be as stable as the tried-and-tested Karlby and Alex. Though not a fair comparison, it's a consideration for me haha 🤣  
Ryderdogs2007 - Edited
I love your minimal setup the only thing I would add if it was mine is an painting  of some sorts
Lol I have the same speakers