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Anubis Themed Setup
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Anubis Themed Setup

Whenever I make a setup I tend to follow a theme and for this one I decided to do an Anubis theme. I was always interested in Egyptian Mythology and I decided to include the myth of him weighing someone's heart, which symbolizes the soul, against the Feather of Ma'at, or the feather of truth. The wall panels I found at Walmart and I fell in love with them, I decided to get them instead of NanoLeaf panels because I like to try different products. I had the wall scrolls for a couple of years and I figured that they'd look perfect on either side of my setup. The cable management was a bit of a nightmare because for some reason I decided to buy 10 ft long cables for almost everything, however I think I did the best I could. The monitors I have had in my previous setups and I wrapped the bottom (right side) of the right monitor to make them look similar. The two side monitors I actually use mainly for my messaging apps, Discord and Telegram, however if I am gaming I can throw Youtube on the right one. Now lets get to the meat of my setup, my computer Anubis. Anubis is a custom build gaming computer with a custom watercooling loop.

CPU: 9900k
GPU: EVGA 2080 Super
RAM: Gskill 4x8gb Trident Z RGB
STORAGE: Samsung 960 250gb, Crucial mx300 750gb, Samsung 860 1TB x2, Crucial mx500 1TB, Seagate 5tb HDD
MOTHERBOARD: Asus z390 Maximus XI Extreme
PSU: EVGA Supernova g3 850w
CASE: Lian Li o11 XL
FANS: EKWB Vardars

Custom Loop
CPU: EKWB Monoblock
GPU: Heatkiller GPU Block
Fittings: EKWB 14mm Fittings in Black Nickel
Radiators: EKWB PE 360 x2
Coolant: Koolance 702 Blue, About 1.5 Liters
Resivoir: Radikultcustom Front Distribution Panel
Pump: EKWB G2 D5

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Setup Comments
10/10 🤩 You don’t use any speakers?
No >.> i thought about getting some but id rather use that money elsewhere
10/10 what is tthis
i might be wrong but wern't u on room tour project by randomfrankp
Yep, both episode 226 and then the best of 2020