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"My Meme Station - Generic, yes, but it makes me happy."
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"My Meme Station - Generic, yes, but it makes me happy."

Credit: u/Real_Riskers
"I think…I’m finally done? I’m comfortable enough to share my current battlestation and the journey it took to get here. I’m happy to say that after much lurking on r/buildapc and watching r/buildapcsales like a hawk, I upgrade my old 2011 machine. I completed the setup in 2017 and just now feel confident to share. My setup is by no means original as I’ve emulated many of the gorgeous setups I’ve seen on reddit (karlby, JBL’s, steaming stack of schiit, etc -- hence the title). Regardless, I really appreciate the community for helping to inspire my build/setup and answer questions before I could even ask them. Thank you!"
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