Laptop Set Up for gaming/school

Laptop Set Up for gaming/school

Been working on this setup for a month. Obviously it needs still a lot of upgrades and I am working on it.

Setup Comments
How much did this setup cost you? Do you have a PC powering it?
I bought the:Laptop for 700€Mousepad 25€Keyboard 70€Monitor 150€Headset 25€( Razer Kraken Headset on the way 60€) Mouse 25€ (got the Razer Viper now 70€)There are led strips and led sign coming. I bought some Items for sale and this is what it would cost now. Total 1000€ with sales and stuffNow 1140€ . I powering this set up with my laptop and hope to build my first Pc soon. Just don't got the money for it right now. BTW I'm 14