ultimate couple gaming goals. we love gaming and we spend most of our freetime at our desks. so I hand built and sprayed up the ultimate his and her desk.
Aesthetic His And Her Gaming Setup

Aesthetic His And Her Gaming Setup

Custom designed and hand built to create a bespoke battle station for two. With no visible cables except our custom keyboard and mouse cables ( I designed it from the ground up with cable management in mind. Following a clean white vapourwave aesthetic, our inspiration relies heavily on music artists like The Midnight and games like cyberpunk 2077 with the relaxing vibes of lo-fi hiphop.
Our PC's are the same spec and built to match the white clean aesthetic but able to change the mood with addressable RGB lighting. We don't feel like we're finished with the build and we're constantly adding to it when funds allow but we're in the end game now.
The desk is a bespoke fit to our small spare bedroom and looks much larger in person. we've painted the back wall to make the white desk pop with the lighting and it look amazing. I am so proud of this build.

Setup Comments
Just my opinion :I would look better of the pc in the center is moved to left hand side of the deskand remove the drawer in the center for a pole stand to hold it up since the pc weight isnt too concerning.😇😅👍
ihave a sister who is 6 and you just gave me insperation
Thanks dude. If you search for the_gaming_synths on Instagram, you can see more angles and photos and feel free to ask us any questions :) 
awsme bro😁
Just a little idea if u wanted a second display and u put the pc on shelves i would still have a divider
We have secondary monitors now. Check out the progress on Instagram. Search for The_gaming_synths 
Sorry i would love too but my mom said i was to young 
Thats hot
9/10 You did good but the pc  in center move it some where else
Thanks. But the centre PC is staying put. The desk is designed to give us view into our internals and until they make a right hand window’d version of a case that already exists, it’ll remain central