I love playing Fortnite and listening to music on my setup. I’m big into tech and new gear!
Minimalist 240hz Gaming setup
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Minimalist 240hz Gaming setup

I’ve come a long way since my 1st Setup! I already ordered a white mouse and new black and green mousepad. My next purchase will be Rokit Studio monitors and a RTX2070 super.
I9 9900k, Gigabyte Auros Ultra motherboard, Corsair Vengence Pro 32gb 3644mhz evga 280 mil liquid cooler evga1060 6gb 500gb Samsung evo plus m.2 1tb hard drive Corsair K-70 rgb keyboard Senheiser HD6xx headphones Geshelli Labs DAC Emotiva BasX 100a amplifier Rode xlr Pod Mic Rode Ai-1 audio interface BenQ Zowie 240hz esports monitor

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