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When life gives you lemons.

When life gives you lemons.

Believe it or not, this setup is 6 years in the making. Black/yellow theme with rainbow LED's at the moment (only because yellow is difficult to display on this LED strip). I consider this setup to be somewhat makeshift as you can see by the positioning of my second monitor; I've also had this glass desk for about 6 years and only replaced my equally old chair last week. The objects on the desk are as follows: Phone, nut button, LED remote, and of course, a scented candle. Cable management is fairly messy as I need to be able to move the setup on a whim.

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Setup Comments
biggest suggestion, is upgrading your desk to a wooden, and bigger table. That way you can do the cable management, and put that other monitor on the desk, afterwards you can upgrade both monitors and mount them, and if you want you can then upgrade your LED strip, because that's also important.
Is that a boom arm attached to your table? I have a glass table but wasn’t sure if the glass would support it
That chair though, dam 🔥. Where did you get it from?