Clean battlestation - Black & white theme
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Clean battlestation - Black & white theme

A clean black & white theme, with a bit of red. #clean #malm #widescreen #battlestation #nzxt
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Sleek looking and not overwhelming

I really like this setup. I feel like it can easily get overwhelming. I am also really liking the price on the chair. I've been looking for one but they all seem to be ridiculously overpriced.

Great cable management for a battlestation!

Saw your other images on Reddit and think they're beautifully done. #battlestation #battlestations
Think it'd be nice to put the tower on the desk instead of under it. But then it may be too mesmerizingto do anything else lol.
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Wow that is actually very satisfying to look at haha It almost looks like a piece of art. I agree it would even be alright to put it on the desk than to hide it under the desk haha