huawei p20 pro

Aesthetically, one of the nicest phone out there in the current market. Was tempted to switch over from iphone, but the software component of the phone does not really match its hardware. (compared to iphone) The three camera feature is cool and it make the average user think that they can get more instagram-able photo with this phone. But when compared side by side with other smartphone such as iphone or samsung, the camera is actually not better. For overall comparison in my own opinion, software wise; i still feel that it run more smoothly than Samsung flagship device The UI interface proportion is nicer compared to note8. For example, in setting, the note8 UI is weird and laggy, huawei p20 pro is better. But comparing to iphone, huawei software is not as superior as it is. However, i think that huawei p20 pro is one of the better choices out there, comparing its pricing and if one does not wish to go for iphone, i think this phone stand out among all the other smartphone out in the market