iOS Games That's Already Been Released In Other Platforms

Mobile gaming is upon us. That's quite obvious in the way huge console and PC games are being made available on mobile. Some manufacturers are even taking a mobile-first mentality. So, if you're one of those guys who booed at Blizzard's neglect of the PC with its new Diablo game, this post probably isn't for you. We're moving into the future, and the future is in mobile.
Right now, there's no other mobile platform better for gaming than iOS. That's a stark contrast with their PCs which cannot be described in any sort of the way, close to a gaming oriented machine.
Here are a few of the best iOS games originally released on other platforms that are doing well on mobile. These will definitely get you to think twice about the PC master race.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

If you're in anyway into video games, I'm pretty sure that you've heard about a little game called Grand Theft Auto. It's one of the biggest series on the planet. Each new release automatically becomes one of the most anticipated in that particular year.
GTA San Andreas is one of best games of the series. It was originally released for the PlayStation 2. But, with advancements in smartphone technology, our tiny handheld devices can now run it smoothly. It even has some graphical improvements from its console days.
It's a huge game that has some 70+ hours of gameplay with an excellent storyline and an even better voice-acting. In a way, it's a video game that doubles as a movie.

The Sims Mobile

There are only a few games from which full philosophical theories are named after or based upon. The Sims is one of them. This gem of a video game released originally on the PC has achieved cult status this way. It serves as the inspiration of modern versions of the school of thought that suggests that we're just a higher being's playthings. Today, this philosophical perspective is gaining traction with notable thinkers such as Elon Musk being a vocal supporter.
Also, it helped create a new genre - the highly addictive sandbox types of games.
The Sims Mobile is a highly addictive simulation of real life where you create a character that does almost everything that humans can. They go to work, build houses, die, and even reproduce. Because of this, the game doesn't really end. You can play an endless cycle of generations of tiny human simulations.
It offers the same nuances of real life such as getting fired, struggling as a parent and even having your home burglarized while your character is out at work. All of this makes it seem like a rehearsal of what you're going to do when these crises arise in real life.
What makes this game amazing is that it's even more full-featured than the original. Instead of speaking gibberish, for example, these sims speak real English. You can also take control of them at work which was a feature that required an expansion pack in the original.

Fortnite and PUBG

The hottest games on the planet right now are Fortnite and PUBG. When they were released on mobile this year, they got even hotter. They’re free-to-play games that pit you in a winner-take-all deathmatch against other players online.
They’ve gotten so famous that notable players are making serious cash just by streaming their matches. Gamers look up to them like athletes look up to their favourite sports stars, Which is a great cash cow for advertisers.
These games, best played on the PC, have a lot of compromises. For one thing, screen size and quality which, to some, are very important are definitely a step-down. Battery drain is also an issue.
Surprisingly, the intuitive controls don’t take away from the gameplay experience as much as originally thought.
But, the most outstanding feature on these games certainly has to be the multiplayer matches. Being able to get into a match with players all across the globe in a game of skill has a great draw.
Taking the game mobile made console and PC players take their addiction to new levels. While this version is definitely a step down from the other platforms, it's definitely a well-polished mobile game on its own.

NBA 2K19

Year after year, the NBA 2K series is crowned one the best sports simulation games out there on console and PC. For mobile, it's more of the same story. It's still at the top of the food chain when it comes to mobile sports simulations.
Graphics and gameplay experience, although not as intuitive as in console, are great in the mobile version. The highly-praised story mode is even made available in this year's mobile game.
It's an excellent game that you can play on the go. For basketball and sports fanatics, this will definitely hit a spot.

HQ Trivia

Want to earn real cash in your free time?
No. This isn't a scam.
HQ, a trivia game that launched on iOS in 2017 is still going strong this year. Its main draw is letting people win real cash. It's scheduled game show type of operation makes people log-in in droves during its preset time slot.
Usually, set twice a day during weekends and once on weeknights, the game has taken over some people's lives. So, at certain times of the day, you'll find your HQ Trivia addict usually hunched on their phones frantically Googling answers on a secondary device.
Some people are in it for the money; while others are in it for the sheer thrill. Whichever category you belong to, this game is truly one of the best on iOS right now.
This hasn't exactly released in other video game platforms but game shows are still types of games after all. So, HQ Trivia still makes the cut on this list.

Will Mobile Takeover?

These are all truly great games that demonstrate the capabilities of the mobile platform. They just show that there's no denying that there are a market and a demand for these mobile games.
However, as you may have noticed, these still don't have the same experience as console and PC. There's something about the game controllers and the mouse and keyboard
combination that the smartphone form-factor cannot ever surpass. The graphical capacities of the dedicated gaming platforms also make mobile the lesser gaming option.
But, it's there. That's the best thing about it. It's always just there inside your pocket. And you can easily launch them when it's convenient, unlike consoles and PCs.