Latest Macbook Pro lacks attention to details

Enough have been written about the amazing Apple built quality that other brands have been trying to match up for years. However, the recent generations Macbook Pro with Touch Bar from 2016 onwards have some rough edges literally. The air intake slits underneath the chassis at the sides are really sharp, knife sharp; and feels like they can cut into skin if you press hard enough. The earlier generations before also have similar slits but did not exhibit such rough edges. What makes matter worst is that area is where usually people will wrap their fingers over to lift the Macbook Pro up.

The other issue that arises is the ridiculously huge touchpad on the 15' Macbook Pro. The common complaint is that the palm rejection technique is not up to the task of completely eliminating accidental clicks. Having experience it myself especially when resting my palm near the bottom edge of chassis, I would inadvertently produce a click when leaning my palm slightly forward towards the screen while typing. It's a nuisance I believe that can be mitigated by shaving off a few millimetres off each sides for just slightly more palm rest area. YMMV.

Such shortcomings would be easily overlooked if it's not coming from Apple. Is the attention to details culture slowly fading away post Steve Jobs era?