LG Gram 17: A 2.95 Lbs. 17-incher That Looks Like It’s Cheating Physics

When it comes to ultraportables, a 17-inch laptop isn’t exactly what pops into our mind. The large screen means a large frame which, in turn, means added weight. It isn’t exactly something that inspires the ultraportable moniker. For this reason, we think of 17-inch laptops as something that will sit on a desk semi-permanently while plugged in. Which, given the usually power-hungry processors that they come equipped with, seems appropriate.
However, the bezel-less revolution that took over personal tech recently has made it possible for larger screens in much smaller bodies. A 13-incher, for example, can now fit inside an 11-incher's frame. In turn, a 17-inch laptop can now be had for the same footprint as a 15-incher which. At this size, it’s a bit more comfortable to lug around. If you like your screen real estate, then you’re going to love the combination of the screen size lightweight body. That’s provided, of course, that you pay for the premium price of the weight reduction.
One of the first truly lightweight 17-inchers to ever be released is the LG Gram 17. It’s a norm-busting laptop that’s designed for creators on-the-go. It’s about to go on sale in a couple of months. Should you buy it?

Military Grade Build Quality

In order to keep the weight down, the chassis needed to go on diet. It’s got to be one of the thinnest 17-inch laptops known to man. It’s so thin that the corners feel razor sharp. It is a bit uncomfortable to hold because of this but since it’s such a large device, you wouldn’t be handling it too much after you’ve set it down on your work table. Furthermore, compared to other 17-inchers that are chunky, this slim profile is a lot easier to hold. Let’s face it, 17-inchers just aren’t made to be held in the hand comfortably for long periods.
The nanocarbon and magnesium construction feel sturdy enough for everyday carry which I can't say for other laptops of the same size. However, due to its size, there's some flex on the keyboard and the screen. There's nothing to worry about in this department though because it complies with MIL-STD-810 standard which means that the hardware is military grade. Dust, shock, and vibration, therefore, cannot affect the system. It can also withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. It's definitely something that can withstand the rigours of travel. For location shoots, this feature is highly appreciated.

Long Lasting Quad-Core Performance

The LG Gram 17 has got all the performance that you’d expect from a desktop replacement. It comes with an eighth generation Core i7 CPU. This means that it's already a quad-core processor that's heavily favoured by content creators, designers, and creatives for its multithreaded performance.
Paired with a decently sized 512GB M.2 SSD and 16 GB of RAM, then the entire system can definitely rock hard at producing high-quality content.
Since there's a bit of extra room in the chassis, LG was able to cram in a 72Wh battery in there. That's enough for a full day's work of rendering without need an outlet. This is something that no other 17-incher can boast. For the MobileMark benchmark, it gets an average of 19.5 hours of life away from a socket. It truly is a travelling creative's reliable portable workhorse.
One drawback is that there’s no integrated GPU which would naturally make gamers shy away from this one despite the large screen. However, LG compensates in this respect by adding a Thunderbolt 3 equipped USB port that’ll be perfect for an external GPU for when you need it. It’s a good compromise considering a built-in GPU can add to the weight.

I/O Fit for a Digital Creative

It comes with all the standard ports and connectivity tech that you would ever need. It’s got plenty of USBs. There are 3 USB-As, and 2 USB-Cs both with Thunderbolt 3. High-powered peripherals, therefore, would be welcome to the system.
There’s also an HDMI and an RJ-45 Ethernet connector for your wired connection. There’s also a 3.5 mm headphone jack that other PC makers are already phasing out.
Since this machine is targeted at professional creatives, the input devices should be up to professional standards as well. It doesn’t disappoint on this end because the full-sized backlit keyboard can definitely handle all the writing tasks you need to do on-the-go. That script revision should be no problem to the LG Gram 17. The trackpad, on the other hand, is one of the largest on any Windows 10 device. It also helps that it's equipped with Precision drivers so, on the software side, it's the best that the OS has to offer. Those photo and video edits that need precise hand-eye coordination, therefore, will be a cinch.

Versatile Screen That’s Good for Business and Pleasure

The crowning glory of the Gram is the 17-inch screen. It’s got an IPS panel that gives it excellent viewing angles. The 2560 x 1600 resolution also ensures that every image or video that you view on this screen is crisp and clear. This combination makes it an excellent screen for viewing movies and sharing with a couple of friends.
Speaking of movie watching, you might opt to use this one more often because the speakers can absolutely blow you away too. They’re equipped with DTS Headphone: X that mimics an 11.1 channel speaker system on your headphones.
But more than its high potential when it comes to leisure activities, the screen has so much more to offer on the productivity side. The 17-inch display makes it easy for you to juggle more apps at once. The screen real estate would definitely make you want to use Windows 10's snap to multitask function. So if you multitask like a boss, then there's finally a portable device that can keep up with your needs.
The non-traditional 16:10 aspect ratio also helps a lot in multitasking because it allows for more vertical space utilization. This means there is more of an app’s vertical content can be displayed on your screen at any given time.

Balanced UX

People buy laptops for different reasons. Some buy for performance, while others buy for portability. In both cases, they’d be compromising on some aspects. Performance, for example, might have to suffer if you’re after portability.
The LG Gram is a well-rounded laptop compromising a little in each aspect while being content with what's acceptable. The unprecedented 2.95 Kg weight on this 17-inch laptop seems like two qualifications that don't belong together but that's exactly what LG accomplished with the LG Gram 17. The result is a well-balanced machine that’s adequate for creatives whether they’re on-the-go or on their work desk.