Razer Phone - 4 months on....

I have been using the Razer Phone for 4 months as my everyday phone. Is it a good phone? Yeah, to a certain extend as some of the quirks can be a tad irritating.

120Hz UltraMotion display - What this translates to is a wonderfully smooth gameplay experience, which is especially useful in action-packed titles like Titanfall Assault or Final Fantasy XV. Outside of gaming, sifting through apps and scrolling down long webpages look smoother and more natural than on other devices. Once you see this super-fast refresh rate in action, you'll wish it was the smartphone standard rather than the exception.

1440p Display - With the option to upscale your display to 1440p, you are able to see and do more with your phone.

Forward Facing Speakers - Probably the best speakers I've heard on a smartphone. Each has its own amplifier and, with Dolby Atmos for Mobile and put any other smartphone speakers to shame - especially those with bottom firing speakers. There's hardly any distortion even at high volumes.The audio is loud, immersive and an absolute treat when playing games, watching Youtube/Netflix or streaming Spotify/Tidal.

Hardware - Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, an Adreno 540 GPU and 8GB of RAM makes the phone pretty future proof.

Battery Life - A massive 4,000mAh battery with the support for the latest Qualcomm QuickCharge 4+ technology allows me more than a day’s worth of juice from normal usage and the ability to charge the phone from 0% to 85% in less than an hour is sometimes a lifesaver.

Project Linda - The possibility of using the razer Phone as a on-the-go laptop will be a dream come true for many travellers.

Display - While it's perfectly usable indoors, the display is, unfortunately, hard to see in bright daylight.

Vibration - The vibration module is located near the bottom of the phone, and feels absolutely cringeworthy each time you get a notification. It feels like the vibration module is loose.

1440p Display - Some apps are not suitable and most will go into tablet mode. Which means the layout is just not suitable on the screen size of the phone.

Camera - Don’t expect much from the camera function. The Razer Phone's built-in camera is very basic, with the ability to toggle flash, HDR and a few extra features like a visual grid and a timer, but not much else. The photo quality of the rear camera were OK but not great. Pictures taken in daylight were sharp, but colors were a bit muted and definitely not rich enough. Low-light photos looked fuzzy and noisy most of the time.

Size - The square edges makes the phone quite difficult to handle with one hand. Even though the size of the screen is around the same as other phones like the OnePlus 5T, the OnePlus is so much fitting compared to the Razer Phone.

Overall, the Razer Phone is an exceptional phone with good hardware that will not make the phone obsolete any time soon. Are there better phones out there? Definitely, but the speakers and the 120Hz refresh rate makes it very attractive. If Razer release Project Linda, this will be my phone of choice for a long time.