too costly and inconvenice

The face ID function seem cool but it is not as practical as it seem everytime you have to unlock the phone first, then look into it before you unlock it or you can activate the iphone lift up function (i not sure of the exact name) and look into it to unlock (this way you don't have to press additional one button) But the ''lift up function'' is not that accurate and will unlock your phone with slight moment to the phone. For example, htc m8/e8 system of swipe up (when the phone is lock) to unlock the phone is more convenience, Anyway for the cost, everytime Apple introduce a more ''premium'' product, such as iphone 6 compared to iphone6 plus, the price increase significantly. So for iPhone X, the price increase significantly from iphone 8 and iphone8 plus and overally i think that it is too costly for a phone, even though i have always used high end phone. Overall its a very nice and appealing phone, but i think that it may not be practical to buy it at this stage of the time and considering the price.