ux303 series

I bought the ux303 laptop series, i7 touch screen version. bad build quality and bad after sale service After using 1 week, the laptop screen is misaligned with the keyboard when closed and have the ''cracking sound'' when opening and have trouble opening. I sent it back to asus and waited for like 2months when the laptop came back, they replaced the screen hinge, it is still misaligned when i receive it. i got tired of waiting Recently, sent to a PC shop to repair the laptop hard disk, the laptop came back in 1week time and in the mean time, helped to realign the laptop hinge A small pc repair shop can help to repair the defect, without even mentioning to me, yet asus repair center took 2months and cant even fix the problem Personally i have no issue with the laptop design or system, but i would not try another laptop with asus again due to its build quality / engineering design & bad service When you take a look at the hinge, it is bound to fail.