Whispers About the New iPad Pro Point to an iPhone X Type of Facelift

When the new iPad came out this year with stylus support, the line between a regular iPad and the iPad Pro got blurred a little bit because it also featured support for a stylus called the Apple Pencil. With the A10 Fusion on the iPad and A10X Fusion on the Pro being so similar in performance, the only aspect left to differentiate them was the iPad Pro’s support for Apple’s proprietary Smart Keyboard. Even then, the iPad still has an army of decent workarounds with equally well-made Bluetooth keyboards from third-party manufacturers. Sure, the iPad Pros still have an advantage in their HDR-capable screens with a ProMotion display that allows for a 120 fps refresh rate to make animations look absolutely awesome, but really, the iPads also have decent screens that do not come far behind.
However, the iPad Pros are almost a full year old and; the technology that Apple is using on their latest products have been greatly improved since. According to our experience on Apple releases, it’s just about time for them to release a new set of iPad Pros. If we are to believe the leaks, there are big changes coming for the Pro that would finally make it a worthwhile upgrade from the latest iPad.
The new iOS 12, which is now available for beta testers, and the various hardware revolutions available on the iPhone X can give us a feel of what to expect from the upcoming iPad Pro. We know this because incorporating their latest tech developments to their newest products has been what the company has, most of the time, done in the past. All of these make an exciting time for those of us who are planning to upgrade to a new iPad Pro soon.

It’s Going to Be a Content Consumption Champion

The elephant in the room that needs to be addressed is the notch. A lot of the leaks suggest that the full-screen and notch design initially seen in the iPhone X is almost surely going to be incorporated into the upcoming iPad Pro. The crowd’s reception of the notch has mostly been mixed with some people absolutely hating it, a few others loving it, and a lot of people being indifferent to it. However, some suggest that bezels are essentially needed for the tablets in order to be able to hold it so there is a chance that Apple might not go for a fully bezel-less design and just settle with a close to 99% screen-to-body ratio. It wouldn’t be a difficult feat to accomplish since the screen is so much larger on the tablet.
However, for the most part, the bezel-less feature of the screen which people love, when coupled with the ProMotion display and HDR technologies already on the previous models can potentially make the new model possess one of the most technologically loaded screens on the planet. The TrueTone feature of the display is also a screen feature that is expected to make an appearance in the new iPad. It basically adapts to the changes in lighting situations making the tones on the iPad different when under sunlight versus when it’s under a lamp. This makes it a content consumption powerhouse that makes movies look great, web pages brilliant, and colors absolutely accurate wherever you choose to consume them.
As for the size, it’s not clear whether the 12.9-inch version is going to be carried over to the new Pro but what’s for sure is that it’s going to be similar to the current 10.5-inch display size. This means that Apple might either make the screen bigger or just reduce the size of the chassis in order to make the bezels smaller.

Same Old Good Stuff

To make room for the bezel-less design, the iPhone X had to give up the fingerprint reader. The iOS 12 beta hints at the new iPad Pro going the same route. This would make various software touches such as the Animoji and Face ID available to the new tablets.
Internals-wise, the processor on the iPhone X is expected to be adopted by the iPad albeit a bit more supercharged for tablet use. Therefore, it might be called the A11 Fusion chip similar to how the previous iPad Pros' chips were named. As for storage, like the previous iPad Pros that came before it, the 2018 version is expected to have options from 64GB to 512GB.
The tablet-centric features of the iOS 11 are surely going to help with the loss of the home button. The gestures like swiping up to access the multitasking dock that allows for speedy app switching and the introduction of the Files app are excellent additions for tablet functionality. More improvements are expected to greatly enhance the new home-button-less norm for the iOS 12 reportedly coming at the developer conference later in September.


Apple has been historically good at keeping secrets but leakers have also been historically good at digging into the annals of Apple-related news in everything including published iOS beta builds and even patent applications. The accuracy of the predictions of some of the leakers makes the leaks extremely credible. If so, it truly is an exciting time to be shopping around for a new iPad.