When it becomes necessary to use more than one operating system

I have stuck with the iOS for quite some time but I think that there comes a time when restricting oneself to one mobile operating system, becomes difficult. It now seems that creating a harmony between different gadgets, is not so hard after all.
I remember years ago when I had to use an Android phone for work when I already owned and used an iPhone. It was tough keeping up with both. I'm glad to see that things have gotten easier.
The article listed the reasons why I decided to just stick to one platform. Young users can probably follow these steps easily, but it's too much work for me. I'm also happy that the compatibility seems to improve, especially with the cloud... See more

Important sites for anyone

Out of all the sites mentioned, I am fond of Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and SoundCloud. Bookmarking is the best thing to do since it is very easy to forget a useful site in the course of going about our daily tasks.
Hey, thanks for sharing! I've found some new favorites like Product Hunt and IFTT. Reddit is usually good for killing time. Just depends on the sub you visit.
Cool list. It reminded me that I used to love IMDb message boards. One day they announced they were taking them down. I never found out the reason why. There was always traffic on the boards, so it didn't make much sense to me. After the boards... See more
Most of the stuff on IMDb used to be free until they realized they had the audience they required. Soon after, the IMDbPro option was introduced. I will soon sample the trial and see what's new in there.
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Would we say that Apple is very responsive to customer-related issues?

Getting faulty devices isn't uncommon, especially when there's been mass production. What I love most about this company is the fact that it tends to react fast and offer a solution to such bugs.
I would rate Apple highly, in terms of fast responses to customer issues. This entrenches trust that a solution can always be found whenever any technological hitches happen.

When it's time to purchase another phone

I would easily say that when your iPhone start's having battery-related issues, then it is time to start budgeting for a replacement. In my view, replacing an original battery just prolongs the problem for a little longer.

Would you opt for the home button?

This topic is quite divisive but I am among the people that would love to keep the home button and have a phone with a slightly smaller screen. Would it be prudent for Apple to retain this feature in selected phones?
I understand your point because we have been used to the home button. Let us give it a time and see how the all-screen smartphones work. I have a feeling that we will eventually get used to these types of phones.
I concur with you. Since there is no backtracking on this one, we will have to get used to the changes. Naturally, this is what happens when we get used to something. I recently held an iPhone without a home button and I kept pressing it and... See more