The high cost of repairing an Apple watch

The brains behind the Apple Watch 4 should have made it less prone to breaking. If the cost of replacing such a broken watch is at least $180 (excluding labor) then it would be much better to buy a new one.
I've always added the extra warranty and used a special glass cover that is supposed to prevent a lot of problems. Then again, I thought things like that were fully covered under Apple Care. Yikes!

Is Face ID really secure as claimed by Apple?

The new iPad Pros use the Face ID, a feature that Apple has continued to refer to as 'very secure.' In my opinion, the Touch ID still remains to be the more secure way to log in. We will just have to wait and see whether the Face ID can be easily spoofed.

Getting the best out of your camera

You may have the best camera out there but failure to use it correctly means that getting the best out of it will be almost impossible. Studying photography is a really good way to learn, in addition to getting to know these valuable tips.

An Android tablet as a cheaper alternative

I read through the review and noticed that for people that are brand loyal, it is possible to miss out on good deals. Would you buy one of these instead of an iPad? I love the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
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Thanks for sharing! I have a cheapo Amazon tablet and an iPad Mini; I'm looking to upgrade both as soon as I see what Apple produces next. I might try one of the Samsung tablets off the list.
I am kind of loyal to Apple, but not too much. My problem seems to be that Android tablets simply don't last as long as my Apple products do. I've had my iPad for 4 years and my Android tablets lasted me 1-2 years.
I agree with you on this; longevity is such a major factor when considering which device to buy. I think that cost alone, shouldn't be used to determine which tablet to go for.

Is absolute anonymity possible?

It looks like being completely anonymous isn't possible considering that most of what we do online is somewhat dictated by location. Investing in a reputable VPN is a great idea but I also love the fact that clearing your web history and adding browser extensions like Ghostery and the Privacy Badger, can make the browsing experience much safer and convenient!
Unless we know how to do redundant and alternating IP's then we "may" hide our location. All IP addresses have a physical location even though we can mask it with a VPN or a privacy software. To me, the best way to hide is not to use the... See more
The last bit of your post just cracked me up because I cannot recall the last time I used the snail mail. The internet has become a big part of our lives and it is nearly impossible to live without it.
In practice, a lot of what they suggest makes it more difficult to browse the web, buy stuff online, and chat on my favorite sites. I care about my privacy, but only at my convenience.
True Elijah. Have you noticed that almost every site you visit seems to have a redirect to a different site? In a way, affiliate marketing and target advertising has given rise to a lack of privacy.
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