Amazon is probably creating a necessary paradigm shift

Environmentally conscious packaging is definitely a great thing just as it important and innovative to have products that are e-commerce friendly. Isn't this the direction that other companies need to focus on?
I wonder how much of it is due to environmentalism and how much is due to the desire to fit as much as possible in a box and on a shipping truck.

Can Facebook be trusted again?

The company has lately been in the news for all the wrong reasons and there are fears hat a huge portion of its annual sales is derived from mining personal information. Will the bad publicity affect the uptake of this new product?
The Portal is a good idea; simplifying video-chatting by having a wide-angle camera that tracks you as you move around the room. However, its timing is wrong because public trust in this company is not where it used to be,few years ago.
It is very daring for Facebook to introduce such a great product, at a time when it is fighting to win back trust from millions of users. Despite the pessimism surrounding the Portal, it probably is exciting a small portion of the population.

More phone companies jumping in

Samsung must have had a genuine reason not to give too much details about its first foldable phone. Nonetheless, this could get more and more companies seeking to outdo each other. All the same, I have a feeling that Samsung will rank highest.

What are you most eager about?

My main focus will be on the iPad Pro and what else (apart from just the design) could change. A lot has been said about the Face ID functionality as well the bezzel-less display and these rumors just serve to increase the anxiety, as the d-day approaches.
I want to see the new iPad Pros since they're supposed to be "overhauled" according to the article. Just being able to share a charger with my other devices is compelling enough for me.
With the move to use USB-C, will it be possible to share a charger with other devices that are not Apple made? There will always be the question of compatibility.
The move to USB-C was hailed by a lot of people that had been waiting for this to happen. Overall. the October 30th event was a huge success.

Memojis are a preserve of just a few phone owners

After downloading the iOS 12, I was hoping to try out the memoji feature but the functionality is only available to users with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. I would love the ability to make a customized Animoji that almosts looks like me. Has anyone tried this feature?
Yes, but I think it looks more like a cartoon character than me. I don't dress up my text message and forum posts with images, so it's not that useful for me. If I didn't have the capability, I'm sure I'd be chomping at the bit for it. That's... See more
I feel the same way. I find the usual emoticons enough to express my feelings since I don't use them a lot. Some friends who are younger prefer to use stickers on social platforms they frequently visit. I wonder if Apple can tell how many people... See more
I'm not into changing my image into a cartoon as well. I would rather have them see my own face rather than a cartoon. To each his or her own anyway.