The era of foldable phones is right here with us

I still don't fancy these phones that could soon become popular. Anytime one company has gone against the norm and tried something out the ordinary, other companies have tended to follow suit.

Apple doing everything to make the event memorable

Sending out an invite with a unique remake of the Apple logo is a brilliant idea and an epitome of creativity. A lot seems to have been put into ensuring that this event becomes a major talking point, for the next few months.
Sometimes all that hype makes it impossible for the event to live up to that excitement. Feeling disappointed is almost inevitable by the time the new products are shown.
What really disappoints me is the fact that the logos were not directly related to the products announced. The logos helped to build the mystery, so I thought they wasted the chance to make it more meaningful. Then again, it doesn't matter as... See more

MacBook sales are on the decline

If there was a rumor that a new product was going to be launched, anyone would most probably halt any purchase plan, awaiting the release. If the company is aware of these numbers, then the first step would be to launch the new Macs and iPads, in the shortest time possible.
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I think Apple is in a dangerous spot. Consumers are waiting to be impressed by the new releases. If Apple can't do that, I think they will jump ships immediately. Apple can't be too relaxed like they did with XS and XS Max. I think MacBook Pro... See more
It's been a while since they've produced something that's truly innovative. I think Steve Jobs being gone has affected the company. Also, young people have less disposable income than ever and they're typically the Apple demographic. I guess... See more

Will the price go up after Oct 16th?

I have always loved small-screen laptops so this would be very ideal for me. Do you think it would be ideal to have a keyboard and pen as a package considering its price?
I don't think the price will go up, but it won't be easy to find a cheap deal, especially if you also want to buy the pen or keyboard. Have you checked the other brands? Lenovo Miix 510 is an alternative to Microsoft Surface Pro at a much... See more
The Lenovo Mix 510 would be a good alternative, only if you have no reservations about detachable keyboards. I also love the fact that for this model, the pen comes at no additional cost.
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