Strong Attraction

I like how this cord can adapt to Android devices or iOS devices. Most cords also have the capability to become a power charger or do a data transfer. With this cord, we don't have to worry about compatibility.
After reading the review, I became curious and decided to check this accessory's price, but in vain. How much is it likely to cost?
What I love most is the magnetic force that helps avoid accidentally unplugging it. Anything that charges my devices fast and allows quick transfer of data can be described as magnificent.
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The Wall Plug That Controls Power

The review has a very high score for this device. It stated that we can control the power that appliances or electronics can get. I'm not sure if I need this though because I have no problem with my electronics so far.
I think that for all it can offer, the price is quite pocket friendly. What I love most is being able to tell how much power a plugged device is using.

Everyone Needs One Of These Power Banks

The smartphones of today are power hungry because of their high-speed performance and high-quality graphics. We all need to have a power bank for us to continue using the phone when the battery is almost drained. Which one will you choose?
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I am currently shopping for one that can charge my laptop as well. My preference always leans towards the light ones as this makes the portable. The power bank also has to have a large mAh.
A power bank is a must-have accessory but again a lot of what we see out here are counterfeits. This guide is useful as it points out the more reliable ones. When it comes to power banks, I prefer to be guide by brand.
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The New Look

By the looks of it, the iPad is like a mini canvass. This device will change the way we use smartphones. No more home button with a full screen so we have a lot of space to work with.
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I think I could get used to this look and the no home button doesn't bother me. I am looking forward to watching the event tonight. Very curious about the new features!
I haven't gotten my hands on this yet so I don't know how the home button will work without the button. I'm sure that they made a way for us to minimize all the opened apps for us to go back to the home screen.

Portable Solar Charger

Pick the one that you like best. This review will give us the best 5 chargers that can recharge not only our phones, but also other electronics like laptops or tablets.
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I want one of these as well. Do you know how long is the lifespan of these chargers? I read somewhere that solar panels have a short lifespan, so this may be the same as with the solar chargers.
This is actually really clever. I like this idea, even if you really probably need good sunlight for a proper charge. I like that they have them at drastically different price points as well.