Apple Watch Supports Electrocardiogram

It's a great step forward, but I hope all users remember that it won't replace the real thing we see at the hospitals. What kind of health features do you think Apple will add next?
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You know, I'm begging to wonder if all this technology will create a bunch of hypochondriacs. In a few years time it will be interesting to see if this sort of tech has increased medical anxiety among users.
Personally, I love my Apple Watch and appreciate all the new features that Apple is pumping out. The watch helps create peace of mind and acts as a warning mechanism but is not meant to replace a doctor. Surely everyone knows that.

Samsung is Going Bezel-free for Galaxy S11

I think these are only rumors at best since Galaxy S10 isn't even officially out yet, but they sure are interesting. The things we see on fantasy movies are coming to reality very soon. Do you think this design is actually possible?

Google Hangouts is Closing Down

Google isn't very successful with their social platforms like Hangouts and Google+, so I think it's good that they plan to move on. Why do you think Hangouts failed to compete with WhatsApp when Google has such a huge user base?
I've never once felt compelled to use Google Hangouts even though it used to pop up in the bottom left-hand corner of Gmail. I clicked on it once and it wasn't overly apparent how to interact with the app, so I promptly closed it. I think they... See more
I feel the same way. With many friends thinking like that, we end up ignoring Hangouts to use something else. I think the app was automatically installed on Android phones, but I've never seen anyone who used it. I guess a popular company... See more
I've never tried using Google Hangouts because I grew leery about sharing more information with the company. However, I'm sure some people will be bummed that it's going away.

A whole new world in contact lenses

This feature is probably normal in robots because they are made of machines. Our eyes and brains are completely different, though. Do you think we can fit the augmented reality inside such small lenses?
I don't think the technology is there yet. A startup can claim any goal, but developers have yet to master the full-sized version. Usually we fix all the flaws in the original designs before creating minis. At least that's how I see it.
I agree. That is why I find this claim a little too hasty. It's great that they are looking towards the future, but it would probably better to invest in perfecting the current gadgets first. I suppose they are trying to attract investors, so... See more
The fact that the company raised a good sum for this project is a good indicator but like Verypunny says, this doesn't look like an idea whose time has come. I think that it makes sense to work on reducing the size of the current AR glasses.

Who will win in the saturated market of smart TV system?

It feels like not a day passes without new smart home devices or new groups joining the competition. We get more options, but do we need that many? How many people are ready to upgrade their home with these devices? It doesn't seem like many will benefit from this saturated market.
It is true that the market tends to get saturated from time-to-time and the fact of the matter is that in keeping up, most of the new companies tend to manufacture devices that are not up to standard. I don't think we really need all that but... See more
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The market is big. I'm sure the newcomers will find their own niche given enough time. Many devices are still expensive, and the content provided can be further expanded. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of surprises they will bring, and... See more
This is true. I tend to be brand loyal but a lot is happening and soon, consumers may be lost for choice. Technology keeps changing for the better anyway!
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