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DIY Book PC Case
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DIY Book PC Case

Recently, I made a custom pc case that resembling a book. It's absolutely nice to look and when you put it on the book shelf, you can't really tell that it's actually a pc. Also, when you put other books with it, it camouflages really well. I have a video on youtube on how I made this pc book case.

Here's the link if you're interested:

YES, I know what you're thinking, the heat! Since this build is very compact and small, the main issues will be the airflow and heat management. The solution is to open the top cover when using it allowing the heat to be released directly to the open air. This pc mainly for web browsing and probably some light office works - no games or overclocking.

Anyway, I have tested the temps and the results are also on another video that I posted on youtube:

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Hope the book doesn't burn
Well you underestimated it. I guess u didn't read the description. It's an open book in case u missed it🙂
thats the definition of minimalist
looks great! very original idea and super clean🙂