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DIY One Piece Setup

Since my favorite anime is One Piece I decided to build One Piece theme for my setup. This setup is 4 years in the making I started this last 2016. There's a lot of ups and down when I was building this setup and I came to the point of stopping but I keep moving forward and this is the result of my hardwork and dedication.

At first my setup's purpose is for my wife, she was working from home as an Online English teacher and when she stopped online teaching I decided to upgrade our PC and now i'm using this setup for gaming, streaming,productivity and some office work.

There's a lot of hardwork buiding this setup because all of my desk, shelves, controller/headset stand and monitor riser are all made by myself from scrap pallet wood(Burned) and plywood.

I think i'ts a budget friendly setup because some of my parts and peripherals are bought second hand just like my NEC monitor I bought for only $50 each on a Japan PC Surplus here in the Philippines.

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