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Helpful extra screen

Additional monitors must be great for those who are working on graphic design or even playing games, even though the laptop itself may not be strong enough to handle such programs. Can more be attached to the laptop?
I have the same question as well. But if it works well, it's really nice that you can have more screens even for your portable devices.
Then again, having too many screens may be confusing as you have to move your eyes and head so much! That's why I think such a complicated task is best worked at home, but sometimes you can't help your schedule.

3D Printing

Looks like there are more people trying 3D printers now. I believe it‘s a fun idea. I wasn‘t expecting 3D printer to become that popular when it was introduced.
I think 3D printers are extremely cool, but I don't know when I'd actually need one. I'm not much of a maker or creator I guess. I'm digging the letter opener. Am the only one who gets paper cuts just from opening the mail sometimes?
You literally spoke my mind but on the other hand, I see how useful this gadget could be for a creator. So much is happening in the technological space and you can now find a digital solution to almost anything.
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I will deviate a bit from the 3D printers and go with the Fast Letter Opener, although I agree with you guys about the popularity and the effectiveness of the 3D printer. The title of the collection said that these gadgets may be useful. I don't... See more
I agree. Emails can do almost everything. But I do see some letter openers in offices. Probably they are not for personal use. They should be more useful in an office instead.
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