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Transportation is an absolutely vital point in our lives, so let's make it fun! #audio #wearables
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Make travelling easier

I'm looking at the Anker USB Charge and wondering whether it is true that they damage a smartphone's battery. I see plenty of accessories here that will be of great help in my next trip.
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The truth is, traveling can be hectic if proper plans are not made in advance. There are several great devices in this collection that I find important.
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That's an interesting info about Anker's USB charge. Do you think it's better to use power banks instead? I suppose nothing is better than the original charger straight to the power outlets or plugs.
I agree with you that nothing is better than getting any device charged straight from a power outlet. Personally, I prefer to use a power bank instead because of the portability.

More fun for your journey

Now I realise driving can be more interesting and less boring with all these products. I’m surprised there’s a TV in this collection. While the driver definitely should not watch the TV, I guess it could be an entertainment for other passengers.
I would be super happy if I go on a road trip with my friends who own a TV in their car. Road trip with a TV is just another level of enjoyment.
I also just noticed the TV in this collection. Whereas I don't necessarily advocate for a TV set in the car, any experienced driver should be able to concentrate while driving.

The Driving Collection

Your should check out this collection before taking that next road trip. It's full of useful technology that will make your driving experience much easier and more enjoyable.
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I see many interesting items on the list. I definitely wouldn't think about bringing an espresso machine or a portable TV in my car! I guess they are made for the trips that will keep you from a comfortable house for a while.
You want to travel and still have fun while at it so I see a lot of devices in this collection that I will make use of in my next road trip. I like the Bose SoundLink Micro despite the 6-hour battery life.