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Home Theater Setup from Reddit's xramzal
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Home Theater Setup from Reddit's xramzal

xramzal's home theater setup which he finally finished after many rounds of careful calibration and adjustments. #hometheater #home #audio #reddit
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Fancy collection

I like this particular set up and the Panasonic DP UB820 has caught my eye. This is a collection that will suit any occasion.

Speakers selected based on their cones color?

How fancy! I like the look of those speakers. I also want that Planar turntable. It looks clean and sleek is supposed to sound amazing.
Those colors are pretty fancy indeed. Many tech products nowadays got popular because of their designs. Of course quality is important, sometimes you just can't get rid of a product when the design is appealing.

The importance of sound location

The setup looks perfect for all kinds of entertainment (plus one cozy couch)! Is it going to feel very different if the speakers are only at the ground or the shelves? Do we need to install some that high?