Most Staying Power
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Most Staying Power

Sadly it's not been a banner year for #homerobotics. It seems like they're hyped up, and receive much fanfare. Then it's here today and gone tomorrow. Say goodbye to obsolete fast tech. Here is my list of the virtual pets, #robots, #AI, and other futuristic tech with the most staying power. #RIPJibo #RIPOpportunityRover #AI #smartthings #smarttech
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About the robots

I used to have a robot and it was fun to play with. But yeah I guess in the future, AI will become a thing and they are something more than just robots. I'm... See more

The Rise of The Robots

It won't be too long before robots become humanlike. Alexa and Google interfaces can be used as AI for robots. The robots might respond slowly, but they will... See more
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It really is odd that robots didn't take off like most folks thought. I guess they were just too expensive for what wound up being a toy rather than a tool.
I just wish robots in the future will not cause harm to our society. Robots are good if you create them with the sole purpose of helping us, human beings or just for entertainment. But excessive inventions might not be a good idea.