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Basic financial management

Dave Ramsey is a renown author, and the title of his books would make anyone desire to delve deeper. For a long time, I have steered away from any publication dealing with financial matters. However, I now know where to start.

Some worth reading books

There are some books in this collection that seem familiar to me. I know some of them are quite well-known. I used to read some books about financial planning and how to invest money in the right way too. No matter what you do with your money, you should have the correct mindset. It's hard to describe the right mindset in a few words but I'm sure if you are going to read these books, you will know what I mean.
I don't read many ebooks as it hurts my eyes when I read the lines on the screen. But yeah, I like some inspiring books about financial management. Some are really good, though some could be a bit cliche.
Teddy, what do you use to read the e-books? I hope to purchase a Kindle Paperwhite soon. Having the right mindset is important since it is the only way you can be able to set realistic financial goals.

Financial discipline

One thing I know about myself is that it gets a bit hard to operate on a budget and teaching oneself to be disciplined requires a commitment. Thank you for these suggestions; this is very timely considering that I recently started becoming an avid reader.
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I may not be the best spender out there, but this hasn't been enough to make me read any finance e-books. Thanks to this collection, I now have a great place to start my journey of financial discipline.
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Financial discipline doesn't come easy for anyone. I love reading books where the author gives practical advice and also narrates a story of his struggles (if any). I agree that Dave Ramsey is such a great writer!