Tech items in times of crisis and emergency you might need

Tech items in times of crisis and emergency you might need

Who knows, world war Z is coming and we got to prep ourselves up in case we might really need them to save our lives.
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Thanks for the tips

I like this collection. I agree that a tracker might be a good item to bring along as sometimes when you are out, your phone might not be that reliable.

It is always good to be prepared

This collection has some useful items for emergency. It’s worth paying attention because we never know when accidents will happen. Better be prepared.
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The solar-powered power bank is a good one to always have in our backpacks because we cannot live without our mobile phones. I'm surprised though that a simple Swiss knife is not on the list as that gadget can save lives and is also a great... See more
I love the solar-powered power bank as well. Information is key and I have a feeling that most people may not know the usefulness of what's listed here, despite owning them already.
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Some inspiration to take care of ourselves in unknown places

Sometimes it's best to be overprepared in case the worst scenario occurs when you are out in the wild traveling or when you have to escape from the wrath of natural disasters
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Yes, I realized this collection includes items that I never thought of before. It’s definitely a good list for us to learn about what we need for worst-case scenarios.
I have some of these items already, but I never thought to add a GPS locator to my bug out bag. That's a great idea!