You Need an Upgrade
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You Need an Upgrade

#Tech moves fast and furious, much like our busy lives. Work hard, play hard. Are you ready for a #lifestyle upgrade? #smarttech #upgrade
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A stylish collection

This collection has a stylish touch. I must admit I am a lover of modern accessories which make our rooms look great. I wish I had a constellation globe like... See more

The very smart digital frame

I like the smart digital frame in this collection. I know it has a hand-waving function that you just have to wave your hand when you want to browse the art.... See more

You Need an Upgrade

Well, it is true that an #upgrade is inevitable, especially considering the pace at which @tech evolves. I think that it may be expensive to advance at a go,... See more
I'm not certain, but from looking at the collection I think it's more about adding nice stuff here and there. Personally, I'm not buying a watch that pricey unless it's a Rolex.