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Where I live :) Purchased over the last 9+ years + many items provided by awesome sponsors AMD, AVerMedia and 2K NextMakers. Used for livestreaming on Twitch, gaming, hosting, video editing, video podcast production, vr, keyboard building, tabletop roleplay shows, studying computer science, cross training, looking after tiny dragons (17yr old leopard gecko and 9.5 yr old crested gecko) and lots and lots of petting cat ^.^

Half of ergo split keyboard Kyria (from splitkb.com) + trackballs used for gaming and editing due to old permanent injury to right hand limiting mouse usability. 3 PC setup to accommodate gaming + streaming/recording + extensive camera coverage for video content creation & security. A 40% keyboard for each PC because I'm extra.

In seriousness: I have small hands and got faster at typing with layers: think shift key modifier, but for the whole keeb. I still have numbers and functions and arrows and everything there. I'm faster since I don't have to move my hands from home row and can map more modifiers and macros for my left hand to take stress off the right. 3 keyboards because faster than kvm switch, eliminates failures from software solutions and cute ^.^

Why dual sit/stand desks:
Sit/Stand because it keeps me healthy and functional. Had serious hip issues before I did sit/stand. I do swap often throughout the day.

Dual because lots of tech, awesome new sponsored beast of a monitor that I didn't want to sit too close to, wanting to separate jumping cat and my hands and projects from wherever all the cams & monitors are mounted to prevent shaking when I build keebs/work on projects, wanting to simplify cables between multiple PCs... this last bit I totally had wrong, the cables are maybe a smidge simpler between stream and cam PCs that are now on second desk, but the cables between the two desks... that both need slack in case one goes too high and the other too low and need to reach other PC across room... it's just a bit .. complicated. Worth the hassle though.

Keyboards are Mercutio, MechminiRGB, and JD40 in a BM43a case. Furniture is 99% Ikea :) Keebs on walls and further PC details will have to be linked in another setup, same for VR stuff (it's very cobbled together)

If you've read this far you're a hero and if you have questions, feel free to ask me anytime during streams. I love talking tech and will forever have so much to learn!

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