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Recently upgraded my setup
Setup Comments
What kind of desk is this?
How are you using the GSX 1000 and the GoXLR? How do you have them connected to able to use the 7.1 but still have control with the GoXLR?
Sorry for the delayed response. So in order to use a dedicated amp/DAC like the GSX 1000 or the JDS Labs Element 2 I'm using now, the only functions of the GoXLR mini I can use are for setting things like gain. The only buttons that do anything now is one of the sliders for mic volume. Basically all of the other GoXLR functions don't work in the configuration I'm using. I plan on replacing it with something like the Focusright Scarlet Solo because having so many audio sources to sort through is annoying. Basically to use the setup I am, you would set input to Chat Mic and output to whatever DAC you are using usually through USB. This all also means that I can't hear myself speak through the mic
Also, you can still use the 7.1 surround sound in my configuration as nothing should change in how it functions. Tbh you are better off keeping it in stereo in games and movies as you will get more accurate positioning since your ears can hear the small differences in when sounds hit your ears. Virtual Barbershop is a great example of it.