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22 Items

My "first" PC/Desk setup

I put first in quotation marks because this is technically my second setup. I didn't count my actual first setup because it was at my old house and I knew I was moving out in a couple of months, so I waited until I got to my current house to put in the effort to make it look how I want it to look. I use this mainly for casual gaming and recording/editing videos that I never post anywhere. I take a lot of pride in my cable management, and with that said the only thing that bugs me about my current setup is that you can see my ethernet cable, I need to buy a longer cable for it so then I can work it in with the rest of my cable management.
With my setup, I tried to sprinkle in different parts of my life to decorate with. On my shelves, I have two Lego sets from their botanical collection to represent how much I like plants, multiple Rubik's Cubes to represent how much I enjoy solving them, a "hologram" Kansas City Chiefs helmet to represent how big of a Chiefs fan I am, a bodybuilding trophy I won from a competition I competed in awhile back to show my love for bodybuilding, a Rengoku figure from Demon Slayer that was gifted to me to represent him being my favorite character from the show and pictures of me with some of my best friends. On my walls, I have two Displate posters that include characters from Demon Slayer because I think they look cool and I like the show, also on my wall I have a bunch of Vinyls just to represent my love for music and show the variety of music I listen to.
Now for the actual technology in my setup, I don't have exactly what I want yet, for the reason that I'm still in school and can't afford exactly what I want just yet. A lot of my current stuff is what I consider good "bang for buck" technology except my keyboard, I may have spent more money on it than I should've at the time.
A couple of last notes, I cut out the shelf where the PC sits. Before, I had my PC sitting on the ground and it would bug me a lot, especially since it's carpet but I could not figure out a solution for it. It wasn't until one day someone random gave me the idea, I checked the measurements to make sure it would work and as you already know, it fit like a glove. My mouse was gifted to me by my old roommate and I can not find it anywhere online to link it for y'all. Last but not least I spray-painted the GPU in my PC white

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