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Apple laptops

I'm also a user of Apple's MacBooks. They are pretty good. But the drawback is that they start being slow after 2-3 years of using even though you've updated... See more

Adorable collection

I like the pink mini bluetooth speaker and the music hat in this collection. Wearing a hat that can play music is just so cool. What more can you ask for?

High tech beauty products

I know there are more and more beauty products going high tech. But to me, they don't usually seem much better than the traditional products. Maybe the newer... See more

Noise-canceling headphones

I particularly like the noise-canceling headphones included in this list. But seems like there are also many choices out there which have similar functions. I... See more

Can't get enough of the LED lights

The LED lights listed in this collection are just my type. I especially like the camera light mentioned. It is an interesting design and I think it matches... See more

What more you can ask for under $100!

This article has included some great deals in my opinion. I'm not familiar with many of the keyboards mentioned, to be honest. But I do like the Razer Cynosa... See more