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Basic financial management

Dave Ramsey is a renown author, and the title of his books would make anyone desire to delve deeper. For a long time, I have steered away from any publication... See more

Dorm Room Essentials

We all got used to the phrase 'necessity is the mother of invention' and it definitely makes sense in this context. My best choice would be the Vanity Mirror.... See more

You Need an Upgrade

Well, it is true that an #upgrade is inevitable, especially considering the pace at which @tech evolves. I think that it may be expensive to advance at a go,... See more

The 'áirplane' or 'flight' mode

I have observed that every time an announcement to switch off the cell phones during take-off is made, no one goes around to check if this has been done. It i... See more

Are foldable phones the future?

There is no doubt that Samsung and Huawei are big brands and it is understandable that either of them would want to pioneer this new technology. However,... See more

Earbuds are gaining popularity

To most people, all they know are the AirPods and Galaxy Buds but it is exciting to see some little-known models in the list. It seems like it is hard to find... See more

Time to switch to in-ear headphones?

Are smartphone manufacturers subtly telling us that the headphone jack is now outdated by not having them in flagship phones? Personally, I have never owned... See more

Are the best wireless earphones yet to come?

We may not know much about these earphones but having something that's a hybrid of components from both the Buds and Airpods speaks volumes about its quality.... See more

Inspired by the MacBook Pro

Whereas there is nothing wrong with borrowing a leaf from competition, brand loyalists love to see some unique designs. Either way, the device looks sleek and... See more

The sleek Elitebook 1040

Who wouldn't love a notebook with an all-day battery life? Though I have never fancied touch-screen displays, this seems like the direction that modern... See more

Fast internet can be elusive at times

I love to stream movies on my laptop but at times, the experience isn't always the best. It had never occurred to me that interference could occur as a result... See more

Have the regulation authorities failed, if at all they exist?

Look at it this way, if the security researcher hadn't shared these findings, the location data of the app users would still be accessible. Is there anything... See more