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The Headphone Party

This collection reminded me of when I was still in college. All my roommates had their own headphones put on when we were reviewing for the upcoming tests.... See more

Take Home The Google Home

Our technology has come a long way in a very short span of time since the microchip has been invented. Who would have thought twenty years ago that we would... See more

Is The "Plus" Worth The Price?

I may be pessimistic with the smartphones of today because we are used to having so many plus versions of smartphones. Why don't they just offer one version... See more

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling E-Waste

It is indeed a problem right now with the yearly release of new phones. I like the idea of upgrading the cellphone so we don't need to buy a new phone every... See more

Samsung Galaxy S10E Exhaustive Review

The size is good enough although the price is still a bit high. It is not very different from the bigger S10 because the features are the same. I can wait a... See more

The War of The Foldable Begins

Huawei is not slowing down despite its problems with the US and Canadian governments. The price tag for its foldable phone is somewhat ridiculous and the... See more

And The Controversy Continues

I don't know if this issue is just a controversy or a fact. If it is a controversy then maybe the US is trying to bring down the giant because it has surpassed... See more

Smart Glasses, Do We Really Need it?

There are so many smart gadgets being developed these days. I don't think we need smart glasses. Unless we are living in the time of the Bird Box movie, then... See more

Foldables and Rollables are on the Rise

This innovation is a unique idea for television. Bigger TV's are taking up so much space in our homes. The rollable TV will save up that space. I'm sure the... See more

The Wider, The Better.

Do you think that the wider the monitor screen that is better than shorter screens? I haven't tried using such a monitor, but I did experience using a curved... See more

The Puzzle Solitaire

I love playing car solitaire and solving puzzles. This is why I wanted to share this puzzle with all of you. It is not as complicated as Rubik's cube and we... See more

Beats Me

The price is still somewhat steep for a headphone. No surprise here as Apple has put a very high price tag on its products. I hope Apple will change their... See more