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Make travelling easier

I'm looking at the Anker USB Charge and wondering whether it is true that they damage a smartphone's battery. I see plenty of accessories here that will be of... See more

Financial discipline

One thing I know about myself is that it gets a bit hard to operate on a budget and teaching oneself to be disciplined requires a commitment. Thank you for... See more

Beauty and technology

I have read good and interesting reviews about the Smart Body Scale especially with the way it can help with keeping the health and fitness levels in check.... See more

Great sound system

This set looks amazing. I remember stumbling upon the LG OLED65B7A model on Amazon and everything about its specs caught my eye. The OLED pixels play a great... See more

You're more prone to viruses and malware as a frequent internet user

Question is, who (in this day and age) doesn't spend a lot of time browsing the net and visiting countless websites? Somehow, I feel like Windows users are... See more

What warrants the slash in prices?

It is no longer unusual to come across good deals and you are left to wonder if there is so much competition among Smartphone manufacturers? Perhaps this has... See more

A great device comes at a cost

Sleek designs are becoming the norm nowadays and a device that has mechanisms to prevent the blockage of airflow, is worth purchasing. Additionally, this... See more

Great device for beginners

The price is friendly plus who doesn't love a device that comes with built-in tutorials? Many beginners get started with Virtual DJ but this would be a good... See more

Are good digital cameras getting costly each passing day?

Will we get to a point where digital cameras stop being affordable? I had never foreseen spending more than $1,000 on a camera even though it is worth every... See more

How often do you visit these sites?

I had no idea that most of these websites existed and I have bookmarked a lot of them, for future reference. My favorite sites fall under the 'Health and... See more

All other browsers should follow suit

Who wouldn't love a browser that automatically blocks autoplay? It would be great if all other browsers out there adopted this kind of approach. What else... See more

Would you purchase a $77 mouse?

The most I ever spent on a mouse was $10 but if the $77 once suited my needs, I'd definitely go for it. USB mice are clearly on their way out and we can only... See more