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A nice and detailed collection

I really appreciate the collection as it looks detailed and comprehensive. Some of the items here are on my list too, like the gaming mouse and gaming... See more

My attention captured

Well I was originally captured by the picture of beautiful scenery behind but I also really appreciate how all the things are being put here. It looks... See more

planning to buy it as a gift

This watch looks really nice and I like it generally. I want to buy it as a gift. Personally I’m not very familiar with the brand Garmin so I’m wondering if... See more

Cats are just like us

I also have heard that cats love watching videos. I wonder which type of videos they like the most. It’s always fascinating to see some cute cats just staring... See more

I think I found the glasses I might want

The Eyekeeper glasses block blue light and are recommended for reading. I always want to have a pair of glasses particularly for me to read my Kindle books.... See more


I was struggling whether I should purchase iPad mini or the iPad Air generation 6th. I chose the Air one and it's pretty good. But I still have feelings for a... See more

Insightful ideas and tools

My job nature also allows me to work remotely but I have never thought about what kind of tools I should make use of. This collection, however, provides some... See more

This is the style I like

This list of headphones and earphones surely are stylish. I especially like the combination of black and gold. It's classic. Sadly I just have too many... See more

Some useful tools for daily life too

These tech products also make your life better. With a smart pen and its note pad, you can drop down whatever you have in your head and later you can sync... See more

It's always Google and Apple

This is a good read. The whole world has been dominated by Google and Apple. Now that I think Apple is doing an amazing job because they have their own iOS... See more

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