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Should Apple find an alternative to the "butterfly" keyboard mechanism?

The release of the new #MacBook Pro would make it the biggest in the collection, especially after #Apple stopped selling the 17-inch models in 2012. Rumor... See more

A great PC for the future?

There are endless possibilities that technology offers and Smart devices are what will define the future. The Surface Hub 2S battery offers upto two hours of... See more

Taking you back to the future

Content creators seem to have a lot of devices specifically designed for them. Despite the price, this is one device that seems to have a lot to offer both... See more

Specifically crafted for creators

It makes perfect sense to target a specific audience when designing and manufacturing a device. It is great to see Razer move away from its gaming audience... See more

Drawing enthusiasts will love this tablet

Most, if not all of us, love portability and that's exactly what this tablet offers. The tablet for beginners costs a little less but any professional artist... See more

Which is your Antivirus software of choice?

I use a Windows laptop and I have always believed that Windows Defender provides sufficient protection. From experience, the word 'free' is often used as a... See more

A lagging machine can be annoying

I have never lost an important file (or document) before but reading through this article highlighted the importance of creating a system restore point. Also,... See more

Would you purchase an iPad mini?

The article gives a good review, whilst stating that the device isn't something you'd buy out of necessity. Foldable phones will be costly but they will... See more

Shouldn't we have more water-resistant smartphones?

I once got my phone wet and had a difficult time trying to get it to work. Would it not be easier if smartphone manufacturers ensured that all phones were... See more

Everyone else joining the 'foldable phone' bandwagon

The rumoured Samsung device that is to be launched soon, will be a tablet when fully opened and a phone when closed. Who wouldn't love a phone that folds into... See more

Are you ready for these changes?

If the rumors are to be believed, it almost seems like most of us did not utilize all the available features. With these changes coming into effect soon, do... See more

The risk of job losses

Technology is changing the modus operandi of most companies and automation is becoming a common trend across the globe. Shouldn't employees now start thinking... See more