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Bad News to Rely on Facial Recognition Software and Other Biometrics?

Maybe it's a bad idea to rely on facial recognition software and other forms of biometric authentication systems to protect personal phones from prying eyes?... See more

Ready to Trust Facebook Again?

The newspaper headline sums it up best. It looks like #Facebook is still pushing its #PortalTV which turns your ordinary television into a sort of... See more

Should Flavored E-Cigs Face Ban?

I'm not a fan of the current administration, but I think this is the right move considering how many teens have been targeted by e-cigarette makers. Of... See more

What About These HD Camera Sunglasses

These sunglasses look better than those made by the #Bose brand in my opinion. They're sleeker than the other style. Has anyone tried the #GoalZeroYeti yet?

Lenovo's Reality Headset Makes Headway In Workplace

Some businesses use AR and VR to train their employees, to manufacture certain goods, to increase safety, and to allow creators to see their design in 3D... See more

Naim Audio All-In-One Player Worthy Upgrade

The new model offers signifcant upgrades from the original including multiroom music and hi-res streaming, So far reviews have been positive of this... See more