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Already thinking of a pre-order?

It seems that more smartphone companies are getting rid of the headphone jack, and Samsung is slowly following this route. Is the Chinese company emulating... See more

Your ultimate solution for impromptu/scheduled meetings

We all love an all-in-one solution and that is what this device exactly looks to achieve. I love the use of Dolby Audio Premium Speakers and the 360-degree... See more

The best mirrorless camera so far?

If you talk to any photographer about their camera of choice, what often stands out is their preference for a certain brand. Panasonic cameras are not as... See more

Are gaming laptops getting better?

This isn't close to anything most of us have seen before and without doubt, any serious gamer will be amazed at how much this device can do. Gaming laptops... See more

TV improvements happen rapidly

Would you sell your current TV in order to purchase a newer model? Upgrades and advancements in technology tend to happen so fast and it can be hard to keep... See more

Huawei keeps going, despite the bad publicity

Everyone is talking about 5G in 2019, and the sooner we get this technology rolled out, the better for all of us. It is encouraging to see this company still... See more

Calling back a private number

I am always very paranoid about callers that mask their numbers and most times, I never answer such calls. Which of the methods listed in the article actually... See more

Is independent regulation the way to go?

It almost seemed that Facebook would not be in the news for all the bad reasons anymore but then the issue around data privacy may not go away just yet. Is... See more

A long battery life

It is never advisable to charge the laptop while it is in use because it tends to heat up. Either way, a long battery life makes a laptop very reliable. Do the... See more

Wrong business strategy?

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, attributes the weak iPhone sales to a discounted battery upgrade program that enabled most users to replace their batteries, rather... See more

What would occassion the switch to USB-C?

If I was asked, I wouldn't recommend this switch at all but perhaps this is a major business decision that has gone through a clear thought process. Either... See more

Barely four month's later, we are already discussing the iPhone 11

Apple is probably not selling as many iPhones as intially forecast but all the same, chances are that there could be a release of iPhone 11, this year.... See more