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Which to Buy?

Confused about what all the labels mean? This article explains the difference between #preowned #used and #refurbished tech and offers some buying advice as... See more

What Do You Think About the New Switch?

Have you checked out the latest #Nintendo #Switch? It's a #Lite version that is more affordable, but doesn't do as much as the previous version. ... See more

Vaio's Small Laptop Still Has All the Ports

#Vaio released a 12.5-inch #laptop that has all the ports we digital enthusiasts need. #VaioSX12 proves that good things can come in small packages. It should... See more

Best VR Comes with High Price and Trade-offs

#Steam released the #ValveIndex to much fanfare and reviewers and #gamers consistently say it's the best #VR experience on the market. It also comes with a... See more

Even Gaming Mice Get a Limited Edition Makeover

Just as #tablets #laptops and #cameras are getting the "limited edition" treatment with a higher price tag, #MADCATZ #gamingmouse is getting on board too.... See more

Six Positive Uses for Drones

I'm a drone enthusiast and I mostly use them for taking photos and videos. It's cool to see that drones aren't just fun toys, since some are being used to... See more

Nintendo Labo VR Kit Coming Soon

I'd love it if VR could be integrated in Nintendo Switch for us adults, but for now, it's the kids who are getting the "upgrade". That's right, VR is coming to... See more

Flickr Set to Delete Your Videos and Photos Soon

If you've stored any videos or photos on Flickr, you should think about removing them and storing them elsewhere if you don't want to pay the $50 yearly fee by... See more

How Cold Temps Affect Tech

From the article it appears there's a balancing act between two things. The options are a long lasting battery that will fail in cold weather or a battery that... See more

Google Chrome Makes it Harder to Block Ads

After reading the article it feels pretty obvious that this is about protecting their ad revenue, not user privacy as they tried to claim. Will this make you... See more

Get a Large Screen on a Budget

The price is right and the screen looks good on this 55-inch television. Does anyone here have experience with the brand? I've not heard of it before.

Photography Challenge

Do you want to improve your photography skills? Did you get a fancy camera for Christmas and want to know how best to use it? This challenge might be for you.... See more